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Think you have a healthy lifestyle?

A healthy lifestyle includes a few key components. This blog post will explain a little bit about each and how you can help incorporate them into your daily routine!

-Physical activity: This literally includes almost anything active like walking, climbing stairs, hoovering, carrying shopping, cleaning, walking pets, gardening, cleaning, more walking and also the obvious such as going for a run. If you carry out exercise 2-5 times per week for at least 30 minutes alongside the previous activities mentioned then you can tick the physical activity box, easy as that!

-"Balanced diet": The major thing to consider here is everything in moderation. Remember you have a suggested daily allocation of carbohydrates, protein and fats. These make up your daily calorie intake. So healthy eating is all about eating each of these in moderation. For example an adult is suggested to have a daily protein intake of 25%, fat intake of 25% and a carbohydrate intake of 50%, these amounts will enable you to maintain your health and for the bodies physiological functions to be at their optimum (This will make you better at losing weight without putting it straight back on!). If you alter them and have too much of one or another then you may increase your chance of encountering certain problems in the future.

-Plenty of rest: How much sleep people need will vary like most things because we are all unique. So as far as rest goes as long as you do not feel tired throughout the day and do not feel run down whilst having an active day chances are you are getting enough rest. However if you do feel tired or even slightly run down then you may need to rest more, amount of sleep required can vary from 6-10 hours person to person. Sleep is not optional and you will suffer in a variety of ways should you not allow your body to recover and recuperate.

To conclude, it is not just the exercise that will help you lose weight or gain muscle; it is also the choices you make throughout the day such as taking the stairs instead of the lift that will ultimately mean that your lifestyle qualifies as a healthy one!

Anything is better than nothing!


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