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Everything in moderation... Whatever that means.

So as a first blog topic I thought I would ease myself into the blog world and try to explain a commonly used (easily misconstrued) very broad term, smart right? MODERATION.

The NHS suggest 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week, in bouts of at least 10 minutes.

Moderation to everyone has an entirely different meaning. For example some people believe in a version of moderation that means they only eat 1 doughnut in a pack of 6, others would consider 3 to be moderate and others would just eat all 6 as they got a whole other pack for free which they will eat in a separate sitting.

Moderation I believe, for what it's worth, should be interpreted in such a way that you never quite go the whole hog, but still the do the majority of a task, 60-70% if you will. In more sensible terms this could mean to exercise 3/4 days per week instead of trying to do 7 days in a week because lets be honest, life really can get in the way and if you are not realistic then there is less chance of you sticking to exercise and just writing it off as not for you. Easy one to describe there.

The big one, exercise at a MODERATE intensity. What on earth does that mean? Personally that means I could just about maintain mild(!) conversation but at the same time probably not recite my times tables to you. So next time you exercise if you are able to display your mathematical skill then you might not be working hard enough, or you may just be a maths genius.

At the end of the day if you are exercising to an intensity that is close to that described above and you are doing it over 4+ different bouts per week then you are probably on the right lines so just stick to it and you should maintain your fitness and progress a little. If you could maintain an in-depth conversation then maybe you should work a little harder to get the most out of your exercise. This will mean maintenance of your current fit levels and progression because that is why you are exercising anyway, right?

Thanks for reading,


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