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"Where the hell do I start in the gym?!"

If I was given £1 for every time that someone has said to me in a gym "Where the hell do I even start?" I would probably have £50,000,000,000. It may come as a surprise it can sometimes also be the most experienced of gym go'ers that will ask. Below is a short guide on where exactly you could begin.


A "warm up" could include running, cross trainer, rowing, bike or the arm erg machine.


The main set to begin with could include one exercise per main muscle group, those being: chest, back, shoulders, abs and legs. As far as reps and sets go to start with aim for 12-15 reps and 3-4 sets. For example do 15 push ups, rest for 30 seconds and repeat it two or three more times.

To start with stick to the machines, keep it simple. The name on the machine should give an indication to what muscles it works and failing that there should be a picture to inform you!

This is where your work rate is key to any progression made whether that be weight loss, muscle gain or just improved cardiovascular fitness. For info on how hard you should be working go and check out my first blog post on "moderation" that will inform you of how hard you should be working!


The cool down, similarly to the warm up, could include either a slow run, cross trainer, rowing, bike or arm erg machine. Followed up with some stretching of the main muscle groups worked.

To sum up exercise is not an exact science by any means, any qualified exercise professional should tell you that! Get the basics right as described above, accompany that with the appropriate work rate intensity and you will progress! It is really as simple as that!


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