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Kingston Personal Trainer, Weight loss



'I started training with David to work on weight loss and to improve my fitness and he has been a big help in both of these aims. I was a total exercise newbie but his positive attitude and fitness knowledge quickly put me at ease in the gym and he's helped me make more progress than I ever thought was possible. He always pushes me to my limit but gives all the support, advice and encouragement needed to stay motivated and get results. Definitely recommended!'

 Ben, 2016.

This is Ben with his shirt from a whopping 27kg's ago! 

'I have been training with David for the past two years and I can honestly say it's been worth every moment. I have significantly built not just my physical strength but my mental strength as well. David has helped me to overcome challenges and grow to do things I never thought I'd be able to. I've always found the gym hard but David makes it fun. He's excellent at pushing you just enough that you see benefits without putting you off training altogether like some other trainers do! He also really knows his stuff and can give great nutritional advice when asked. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for someone to help them make a positive change in their life.'

Lianne, 2016

'I have no hesitation in recommending David Baptista if you are looking for a highly professional Kingston based personal trainer. My personal goal is strength and conditioning, however David is able to build a program for you for overall physical fitness, weight loss or rehabilitation.

My weekly training routine also played a significant role in lowering my cholesterol. My cholesterol level dropped from 6.9 to just under 5 – and I credit David’s training routine and his diet recommendations for this.

I have worked with many coaches over the years and what sets David apart from the others I have trained with, is his ability to motivate. He has a very obvious genuine interest in helping his clients achieve their goals and an incredible knowledge of fitness training. Highly recommended and worth every penny.'

Diccon, 2016.

I signed up for a batch of sessions with David on the spur of the moment having avoided formal exercise since I left school almost 35 years ago.  Two years later I’m still training with him three, sometimes four, times a week and thoroughly enjoying it.  David seems to have a limitless range of exercises so the gym-based sessions are never boring and he mixes things up even further with boxing, out-door sessions and running along the river and in the parks.  I have complete confidence in David’s ability and knowledge as a trainer and his advice regarding nutrition is spot on too. I’ve lost around 10 kilos, have much more energy and have definitely discovered the mood-enhancing and stress relieving benefits of exercise – thank you David!

Anna, 2016

I’ve been training on and off with David for the last year, when I’m back in Kingston from uni.  I find it really hard to motivate myself to exercise but with David’s help I quickly get back into it.  I’ve just finished a two-week daily boot-camp with him before going travelling which has been brilliant at getting me into shape – some very sweaty sessions but great fun and worth the hard work.  David has also helped me sort out my diet too and has some great recipes and tips.  I happily recommend him.

Esme, 2016

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