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What are "reps","sets" and how long should Rest time be...

So having covered where to begin, how long to spend in the gym and also a basic (but very effective) session structure to follow there are a few terms commonly used in gyms that to begin with to me, made no sense!

So a "rep" is easiest explained as performing a movement (or sequence of movements) once. For example doing 1 press up.

A "set" is the amount of times you repeat the number of repetitions. Stay with me. For example, performing 15 press ups but 3 times over.

Now rest times, this will vary dependant on your goal. The rough guide below can be simply applied and just as a reminder, the rest time applies to the time in between your sets. Again, for example, this is the time following 15 press ups:

-Weight loss + tone- 15-45 seconds.

-Weight loss + muscle gain + tone+ general fitness- 30-90 seconds.

-Strength- 90-180 seconds.

So as you can see rest times like most things in the exercise world are no exact science and just remember it is more difficult to do the wrong thing than it is the right thing. Just remember to stick to the above guidelines and try to avoid a long chat about your favorite TV shows, until the cool down at least!

From personal experience anything in between 15 and 90 seconds will lead to improved fitness, better general health, the beginnings of weight loss, increased muscle tone and a vast number of other positive outcomes on almost all aspects of your life.

Go out and enjoy your exercise!


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