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So here is a list of things that you should absolutely NOT do whilst exercising:

- do not take phone calls, your exercise time is precious

- do not spend ages worrying about what to do just do ANYTHING you are comfortable with

- do not do an exercise you're unsure of; especially when it is technical

- do not spend more than an hour and a half on a main set and over train

- do not do anything you don't enjoy, that will put you off because it's boring

- do not be miserable, you are getting healthy, this is a great thing to do!

- do not leave equipment out

- do not worry about how you look, it's not a fashion contest, you are there to get fit

- do not under work yourself

- do not over work yourself

- do not tell the world how good your session is during it, save it for after

- do not browse social media whilst you exercise

- do not eat lunch whilst you train

- do not catch Pokemon on Pokemon go whilst exercising

- do not juggle while exercising

- do not drive whilst you exercise

- do not drink alcohol whilst you exercise

- do not fish whilst you exercise

- do not cook whilst you exercise

- do not stare at your gym crush, it's creepy

While the above list of no no's is worth remembering, especially the alcohol one, the most important thing of all is to not do NOTHING! Anything is better than nothing and everything counts. Some stuff is more effective than others sure but if you enjoy something then it still counts. Even the small such things like taking the stairs instead of the lift, it all counts.

Now go do SOMETHING!!


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