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"How long do I have to be in here to lose weight?"

"How long do I have to be in here to lose weight?" This question, like most other gym related questions is very difficult to answer with any accuracy as it can sometimes be related to other factors outside exercise! Weight loss depends on many factors and the vast majority are not even worth thinking about because they cannot be controlled by you voluntarily.

When it comes to weight loss like most other things I like to keep it simple, work out what you are in control of and make sure you take complete control of those parts. I think this must be understood before attempting to change anything! For example you could be in control of your training and your diet. Lots of people are aware that these two factors are the key to achieving a health or fitness related goal. For this post I shall be focusing on the training side of things, nutrition to follow at a later date.

From previous client experience those that were able to commit to 3 sessions per week (2 trained with myself, 1 following the previous principles from the previous 2 blogs) of around 45 minutes in length have been the most effective weight losers achieving an average amount of 0.3-0.5kg per week. Yes I have seen more weight lost over this time frame but it was simply not sustainable and they ended up putting it back on in the following weeks. With some basic maths you can see that over 10 week period that could be 5kg (0.78 stone), a rather hefty amount! Then when you factor in a warm up and cool down of roughly 7:30 minutes each that leaves you with only 30 minutes of exercise time to achieve those results. I think I speak on behalf of my clients when I say that it is honestly plenty and may sometimes feel like 3 hours instead.

So there you have it, 3 bouts of exercise that include a 30 minute thrashing could be all it takes for you to tumble down the scales. If you wish to try out a DBPT trial session or wish to purchase an exercise program to get begin your own weight tumble then feel free to get in touch.


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